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Bpizzy is a website design company that understands the importance of creating professional custom websites that are search engine friendly and that also capture the attention of your visitors. It is important to find a balance between flash and substance. Quality content acts as the substance of your website. Search Engines direct traffic to your site based on the quality and relevance its content. Still, a high traffic volume doesn’t always equate to a large sales volume. That is why it is essential to add the right amount of flash to your site to grab your visitor’s attention. The flash can be anything from high quality logos and slogan designs to actual flash headers and videos that help sell your products or services.

Once you have the visitor’s attention, your site must be able to elicit a desired response. Whether you want them to complete an online form, purchase a product, or call you, your website must provide them with an easy way to complete that action. Our websites are built with lead generation tools and clear calls to action to insure they capture as many leads and sales as possible.

Custom Websites Include:
  • SEO Friendly Architecture
  • Valid HTML and CSS Design
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Website Statistics
  • Basic Title and META Tag Optimization
  • Flash Headers
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Development

A professional internet marketing specialist will personally help you through the entire design process.  All designs are built to fit your specifications. We are not happy with the finished product until you are. Once you are happy with your site design, we can help your business with a cost efficient and aggressive online marketing campaign.

Custom Design costs differ depending of the size and scope of the project. Contact us today for more information regarding our website design services or for a quote. Please call 877-727-4999 or submit our online form for a FREE website design consultation.

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