Blog Design

Why Do I Need A Blog?

There are millions of blogs on the web and new ones get put up every day. However, conduct a simple search in your industry and you will find that there are only a few people blogging effectively for your niche. A lot of service businesses have yet to tap into blogging as a lead generation tool. There is an opening for you to create a very informative blog and become an online authority in your industry. Similar to being published, a well written blog gives the author instant credibility.

More importantly, Google and the other search engines love Blogs. A well maintained blog provides fresh content for the search engines to crawl and index. You can blog on a changing trend in your market and be on the first page of Google the next day. As a marketing vehicle, the possibilities for growth are endless. The following image is the site stats from one of my client’s blogs. The blog is less than two years old. It would be nearly impossible to achieve this sort of website traffic with a basic website that is only two years old.

Why Do I Need a Professional Blog Design?

As I mentioned before, there are millions of blogs out there. To be successful, you must stand out! A well designed blog can be the difference between someone subscribing to your blog and never returning again. If you have an eye-catching and user-friendly blog design, your readers will be more likely to purchase your products, retain your services or click your paid advertisements. A well written blog can be the difference between the success and failure of an online business.

What Do I Get?

  • A completely custom blog design that will attract your readers attention. It will be custom fit to meet your and your reader’s needs.
  • hand coded theme for the platform you desire. We highly recommend WordPress, but will gladly design a theme for any of the common blogging platforms.
  • Installation and setup of your desired blogging platform if needed. This includes the installation of common useful plugins, pretty permalinks (SEO Friendly URLs) and other commonly used modifications.
  • Out of the Box SEO ready interface. We will make sure your blog is ready to compete on the major search engines with many of the common SEO plugins. This will help your site rank competitively with minimal work on your part.
  • Personal Training from an experienced internet marketing specialist. Not only will we walk you through how to use the blogging software, we will answer all your blog related questions so you can make the most of your new marketing tool.

How Much Does it Cost?

The exact cost depends on the project and the capabilities you want your blog to have. Do you want a large media magazine, a simple attorney blog incorporated into your current website, or a personal blog to highlight your photographs?

Every blog design is different. You can get a free quote from us today. Fill out the contact form and we will figure out what is best for your particular project.