June 2022

Is your law firm doing everything it can to attract clients? If you answered yes, you’re probably using a variety of digital marketing platforms, like Avvo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your own website as well as Google Ads. In fact, Google Ads may be your best advertising option. However, you may not be using Google to the Max. This is because Google has a new advertising option called Google Performance Max.

What is Google Performance Max?

Google Performance Max is a feature inside Google Ads that allows advertisers to easily see the entirety of their Google Ads Inventory in a single window and maximize their advertising campaign, according to their specific goal. In other words, it’s a feature to help you get more conversions.

How does a Google Performance Max Campaign help drive more traffic and conversions?

A Google Performance Max Campaign helps optimize your legal services ads across Google’s various channels, including Discover, Display, Gmail, Google Search, Maps and YouTube. The campaign feature starts with the keywords you used when you created your ad, but it doesn’t stop there. It also uses AI technology to improve performance through machine learning and Smart Bidding, which means you’ll pay less for keywords and placements that may not generate leads or website visits and more for leads and placements that are more likely to generate potential customer and visitor interactions. As the campaign runs, it may also unlock new segments of the market that you hadn’t thought of when creating your digital campaign.

What are the Google Ads Performance Max campaign goal options?

During your ad setup, Google will ask you about your campaign objectives and give you several options, including:

  • Sales – Generate more sales
  • Leads – Gather more leads or people who may need your services in the future
  • Website Traffic – generate more traffic to your website so that potential customers can view your legal services
  • Local Store Visits and Promotions – Generate leads to your website store in order to increase sales
  • Create Campaign Without a Goal’s Guidance – Opt out of using Google Performance Max to help you create your online advertising campaign

As a lawyer, you want to attract people who need legal services. This means that you’d probably do well to choose Leads or Website Traffic. Both of these would generate more clicks to your website and possibly more phone calls that would lead to more consultations for your legal expertise.

What can I expect when I use a Google Ads Performance Max Campaign?

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns can help you better target your preferred audience, even if you’re not entirely sure who is in that audience. Specific benefits include:

  • Better Customer Conversion
  • Improved Customer Engagement Across Multiple Google Channels
  • Better Ads Reporting so You can Further Optimize Your Campaigns
  • Information on Rising Trends and Changes in Performance so that You Can Adjust Your Ads on the Fly
  • When should I consider using a Performance Max Campaign?

You should consider using a Google Ads Performance Max Campaign when you understand your advertising and conversion goals. For example, if you’re a traffic lawyer, you’d want to make sure you reach a target audience that’s recently gotten a traffic infraction, like driving under the influence, driving down a wrong way street or erratic driving. These people would be most interested in your services so that they can reduce the likelihood of getting their license suspended and receiving an excessive amount of points.

A Performance Max Campaign may be best for you if you want to reach target audiences across all Google’s platforms, and you aren’t limited as to which channels you can use. You may also choose it when you want to see all your campaign metrics on a single dashboard, and you want to reach audiences beyond your initial keywords.

Performance Max campaigns can help you better reach your target audience with less effort than a traditional campaign. All you have to do is choose your goals, input your keywords and upload your text, videos and images. Once you start your campaign, Google will enhance and optimize your performance in order to help you achieve your digital advertising goals.

Google Ads Performance Max campaign is an effective way to generate a steady stream of qualified leads for your law firm. Contact us today for more information regarding Performance Max Campaign or  PPC services. Get the personal service you deserve. Please call 877-727-4999 or submit our online form for a FREE consultation.

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